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Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice for You?

Is Bankruptcy The Right Choice For You? Are you struggling with the choice to file bankruptcy? However you got into debt, you may be struggling with the question, “Is bankruptcy right for me?” Most of the clients I meet in my Asheville bankruptcy law firm came to the realization that they were trapped with the amount of debt they had and needed help getting relief. They couldn’t get out of debt by skipping the morning coffee line.  They couldn’t get

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Bankruptcy And Judgments

Is it too late to file for bankruptcy if a creditor has obtained a judgment against you? For most bankruptcy filers, the answer is “No!” But if you can, don’t wait until a creditor obtains a final judgment. The quicker you act, the better. In North Carolina, if a judgment is obtained against you, it acts as a lien against any real estate you own. This is called a “judgment lien”. This can prevent you from selling your home without

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